Monthly Mixtape – Hamartia

The ‘Monthly Mixtape’ was created by Eve at Twist in the Taile and Evi at Adventuring Through Pages; the idea is that each month they give a word with a definition, and you create a mixtape to go with it. (Go check out their mixtapes, because seriously, they’re all awesome!!)

I’ve been meaning to do this since January, and have literally just remembered, smh. It’s also the last day of the month, since I started writing this post last week and 100% forgot about it. Anyway.

The word for this month is:

hamartia, noun: tragic flaw

Okay, so my music taste is pretty wide and varied, which is why these songs share the very thin link of ‘potentially tragic flaw’ or just ‘tragic sounding song’ and not much else….without further ado:

hurricane – hamilton soundtrack
my immortal – evanescence
supermarket flowers – ed sheeran
no good in goodbye – the script
take me to church – hozier
mr brightside – the killers

(If I was going down the ironic route, I’d probably have said I Just Can’t Wait to be King and Prince Ali but hey XD)

If you like these songs, you have great music taste! If you don’t, your music taste is probably even better!!

Enjoy listening, and yell about your interpretations of this down in the comments!!

Holly xx

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