Monthly Mixtape – Constellate

I screeched in delight upon seeing the word “constellate”, mostly because of the ACOTAR series and a deep love of pretty pictures of stars, to be totally honest.

“Monthly Mixtape” was created by Eve at Twist in the Taile and Evi at Adventuring through Pages, where they give a word to use as the basis for a playlist.

This month the word is:

constellate, verb: 1 : to unite in a cluster
2 : to set or adorn with or as if with constellations

Being a simple human, I instinctively went for songs with titles relating to the night sky. Whether or not they relate to unity remains to be seen XD I had so many musical theatre songs that could’ve been on here, but I tried to add others in as well!!

black sky – arrows to athens
galaxy – thorsteinn einarsson
stars – les mis soundtrack
rewrite the stars – the greatest showman soundtrack
stardust – saywecanfly
the story of tonight – hamilton soundtrack

(Okay, so that last one isn’t star related, but it’s the most ‘unifying’ song on the list, so it’s staying)

Thanks for such a cute prompt! If anyone else fancies giving this a go, please go check out the original posts by Eve and Evi, linked above!!

Holly xx

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