An Updated Top 10

So I missed my own blog's two-year anniversary, smh. I was scrolling back through all my posts and wondering whether I should do something about it, and realised a few things. Firstly, I should probably do more book tags/hauls/lists because they're more fun than reviews. Secondly, I should probably update my Top 10 books list, … Continue reading An Updated Top 10

#SixforSunday – film interpretations of books

Hey hey guys! So I was scrolling through Twitter, as you do, when I stumbled across this little beauty called #SixforSunday. It was created by Steph at A Little But a Lot and the idea is that every Sunday you post six things relating to the prompt. This week's prompt is "film interpretations of books", … Continue reading #SixforSunday – film interpretations of books


Hello! I'm Holly, nice to meet you. You like reading, you say? Good. We'll get along great. As this blog is going to be mostly dedicated to reviewing books (and potentially movies based off books), I thought that I would start things off with a list of my top 10 all-time favourite books/series. That way, … Continue reading Hello!