Pride Month – Asexuality

(Credit to the creator of the ace flag used for featured image) I've been debating over this post, since I'm primarily a book blogger, but since it's Pride month, I figured I'd share. It was around Year 11 that I first heard the term used; at that point, I was wondering if I might be … Continue reading Pride Month – Asexuality

Just a heads-up

Hey guys, this is just a quick post; The domain name for this blog is now (previously the prefix part was inkspy) Basically, I renamed the blog a while back and never got round to changing my username to match it until now. I'll be posting normally again later in the week! Holly xx

An Updated Top 10

So I missed my own blog's two-year anniversary, smh. I was scrolling back through all my posts and wondering whether I should do something about it, and realised a few things. Firstly, I should probably do more book tags/hauls/lists because they're more fun than reviews. Secondly, I should probably update my Top 10 books list, … Continue reading An Updated Top 10

On A Levels

Hey hey guys! So, you may be wondering why I haven't updated in a full month (Or maybe not, considering my erratic posting schedule, so fair enough). The short answer is: A Levels. I have hit my second year, meaning that my workload is steadily increasing and I am working my socks off to stay afloat … Continue reading On A Levels